Thursday, April 11 / 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   •   Bayside C

Session 64:
International Migration and U.S. Immigration Policy

Chair: William A. Kandel, Congressional Research Service
Discussant: Audrey Singer, Brookings Institution

  1. When Do People Actually Migrate to the United States?Sherrie Kossoudji, University of Michigan

  2. Multiplying Diversity: Family Unification Migration and the Regional Origins of Late-Age Immigrants, 1981-2009Stacie Carr, Princeton University ; Marta Tienda, Princeton University

  3. State Immigration Policy: Beyond Population GrowthRobert Nathenson, Johns Hopkins University

  4. Removal Roulette: Does Place Matter for Predicting Deportation Rates under Secure Communities?Juan M. Pedroza, Stanford University

Other sessions on Migration and Population Distribution