Thursday, April 11 / 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM   •   Oak Alley

Session 25:
Immigrant Assimilation

Chair: Stephen Trejo, University of Texas at Austin
Discussant: Silvia H. Barcellos, RAND Corporation

  1. From Patrick to John F.: First-Name Choice as a Measure of Assimilation and Predictor of Occupational Achievement in Historical U.S. CensusesJoshua R. Goldstein, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research ; Guy Stecklov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  2. Immigrant Earnings Assimilation: The Role of the WorkplaceDeborah T. Rho, Duke University

  3. Immigrant Replenishment and Mexican American High School DropoutRichard N. Turner, Brown University

  4. Selection and Assimilation of Mexican Migrants to the U.S.Andrea Velasquez, Duke University ; Gabriela Farfan, Duke University ; Maria Genoni, Duke University ; Luis Rubalcava, Spectron Desarrollo S.C. and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) ; Graciela M. Teruel, Universidad Iberoamericana ; Duncan Thomas, Duke University

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