Saturday, April 13 / 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM   •   Bayside A

Session 207:
The Value of RCTs and Natural Experiments in Research on Reproductive Health and Fertility

Chair: Erica Field, Duke University

  1. A Strategic Approach for Re-Positioning Family Planning within Comprehensive Community-Based Health Services: The Connect Project, TanzaniaColin Baynes, Columbia University and Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) ; Emmanuel Tluway, Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) ; Selemani Mbuyita, Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) ; Godfrey Mbaruku, Ifakara Health Institute (IHI)

  2. What Is the Impact of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) on Family Planning Providers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Behaviors? A Randomized Experiment in JordanMarianne El-Khoury, Abt Associates ; Rebecca L. Thornton, University of Michigan ; Minki Chatterji, Abt Associates ; Nadia Al-Alawi, Abt Associates ; Shirin Al-Adwan, Abt Associates ; Soonie Choi, Abt Associates

  3. The Impact of Hours Worked on Fertility: A Natural Experiment in KoreaErin Hye-Won Kim, National University of Singapore

  4. Consequences of Withdrawal: Free Condoms and Birth Rates in the PhilippinesJ.M. Ian Salas, University of California, Irvine

Other sessions on Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Health