Analysis of the Inequalities at the Beginning of the Stable Working Life

Guadalupe Fabiola Perez Baleon, El Colegio de México

The following paper extends the study of changes in time and inequalities by gender and socioeconomic level at the moment when three cohorts of Mexican men and women got their first stable job. A statistical analysis that allows specifying the relationship of these three axes: cohorts, gender and socioeconomically status with the transition to the first job had not been done until this paper. Moreover, this text analyses the socio demographic factors associated to this transition. That is why we used life tables and two logistic models. The present research indicates that over the other axes, gender had a fundamental position in this transition. Although differences between men and women by socioeconomic level were not presented, this paper shows that gender inequalities conjugated with socioeconomic differences were disadvantages for certain groups. Also, there were gender differences in the economic activities in which both were involved for the first time.

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Presented in Poster Session 3