Family Formation among Men with a Nonmarital First Birth

Letitia Kotila, Ohio State University
Anastasia R. Snyder, Ohio State University

Using the male NSFG 2006-2010, we use competing risk models to examine predictors of marital and nonmarital first births for men less than 35. We also estimate separate competing risk models for men who had a single or cohabiting nonmarital birth to examine subsequent union formation. We find significant differences in the demographic and family background characteristics of men. Having an education beyond high school is associated with a greater likelihood of a marital first birth, and encourages marriage following a nonmarital birth. We also find racial differences in nonmarital first births and union formation following a nonmarital first birth; Blacks are less likely to have a coresidential first birth and enter marriage following a nonmarital first birth, and Hispanics are more likely to form any union following a nonmarital first birth. Detailed comparisons of demographic characteristics of men and their partners and discussion are provided.

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Presented in Poster Session 6