To Assess the Use of Contraceptives in Relation to Family Planning by Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy and Likelihood of Abortion

Atum Carlo Lwanga, Makerere University

The study has found that there are variations in current use of contraception among subgroups in Uganda and there is a direct association between use of family planning methods and the number of children that women have. The majority of women do not begin to use contraception until they have had at least one child. Only 5% percent of married women with no living children use contraception; the percentage increases to 27% among women with one or two children and to 34% among women with three or more children. . The use of contraception increases with education. 44% percent of currently married women with secondary or more education are using a contraceptive method compared with 18 percent of those with no education (UDHS,2011). Hence more study is needed to address the above variations which is seemingly leading to high morbidity and maternal mortality.

Presented in Poster Session 6