Love Matters: Youth of Metropolitan Mumbai Juggling between True Love and Passing Time

Nidhi Sharma, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Attitude of today’s youth is changing from romantic relationship to casual sex. West influenced societal norms & liberal sexual culture in metros offers varied avenues for sexual experiences adding opportunity for sexual liaisons. Findings derive from study in slum of Mumbai with randomized cluster sample of 1239 men age 18-29 using in-depth interviews and survey. Results show, 80% of romantic relationships are translated in sex. 10% of respondents reported multi-partner behavior in last one year and 1/5th of respondents reported their “girlfriend” as married. Study reveals that peer network, self assessment as sexual partner and perceived relational satisfaction with girlfriend are significantly affecting the safe sexual behavior and coercive sex. The multi-partner behavior is affecting condom use negative whereas is catalyzing alcohol use and also coercive sex. Findings facilitate understanding of changing sexual culture & behaviors and highlights need to fully informed and equipped youth to make safe choices.

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Presented in Poster Session 6