“Langit ka, Lupa ako” Exploring Heterogamy and Union Dynamics in the Philippines

Christian Joy P. Cruz, University of the Philippines

In the Philippines, heterogamous unions between couples with wide age and education gap are frowned upon. It is believed that these relationships are prone to dissatisfaction and eventual dissolution which can be attributed to power clash and conflict in values. Due to the dearth in local research along this area, this study contributes by exploring the determinants of these unions and their effects to variables related to union dynamics like fertility preference, contraceptive decision making and economic relationship. Drawing from the 2008 Philippine National Demographic and Health Survey data, this paper uses multiple logistic regression to examine these interrelationships. Results show a relationship between type of residence and heterogamous unions which in turn is associated with fertility preference and economic relationship. These interrelationships are indicative of shifts in gender power relations within these types of unions which tend to contest dominant patriarchal societal values, hence frowned upon.

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Presented in Poster Session 6