The Use of Cadastral and CAMA Data to Estimate Unincorporated Subcounty Population

James Sylvester, University of Montana

The number of housing units is the basis for any housing unit method for estimating current population. Building permits have served as the primary data source for estimating additions to the housing stock from new construction; however building permits are usually limited to a particular political entity such as a town or county. This paper uses cadastral data and GIS techniques to produce estimates of new construction. Geographic Information is integral to cadastral maps so changes in political boundaries and the housing and populations associated with these changes can be immediately updated by re-estimating the housing counts for the new boundaries. US Census Bureau housing unit estimation procedures are used to update the populations. This paper demonstrates how population estimates can be continuously updated as sub-county political boundaries change.Data from Montana and Florida are used. Results are mixed.

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Presented in Session 68: Small-Area Population Estimates