Effectiveness of Direct Income Support on Poverty Reduction among the Elderly in Uganda

Vivienne Najjemba, SAGE Project, Uganda
Richard Musabe
Viola Nampeera, HIPo-Africa

While older people are commonly accepted as being potentially vulnerable to natural hazard impacts, humanitarian responses have often done very little to meet their particular needs, used systems that discriminate against them, and on occasion undermined their capacity to support themselves but with the advent of social protection, the life of older persons has been positively changed in form of; Improved living standards, more investments, better nutrition, income security, saving, access to health services, and education for the children among others. From the assessment conducted, older person receiving the direct income support were more likely to have better nutritional benefits than their older counterparts not receiving the grant (63% versus 35%). They were also more likely to access health services compared to their counterparts (50% versus 22%). Direct income support may not be a complete solution to poverty reduction but it’s a solution which will eventually contribute to achievement of MDG 1.

Presented in Poster Session 3