Potential for Cost Recovery: Women’s Willingness to Pay for Injectable Contraceptives in Tigray, Ethiopia

Suzanne Bell, University of California, Berkeley
Karen Weidert, University of California, Berkeley

This study investigates factors associated with a woman’s willingness to pay (WTP) for injectable contraceptives in Tigray, Ethiopia. We used a multi-stage cluster random sampling design to generate a representative sample of reproductive age women from the Central Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia to participate in a survey (N=1490). Logistic regression was conducted. On average, respondents were willing to pay 11 birr ($0.65 USD) per injection. Being married, reaching secondary school, and visiting a health facility in the last year were associated with significantly increased odds of WTP. Having had sex and wanting 1-2 children were associated with significantly decreased odds. We also discovered interactions between being paid for work and agreeing with your husband about ideal number of children, and preferring injectables and having used them. Results indicate there are opportunities for cost recovery in Tigray, Ethiopia and highlight factors that could be leveraged to increase WTP for injectable contraceptives.

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Presented in Poster Session 6