Mapping the Geographic Distribution of Interracial / Interethnic Married Couples in the United States: 2010

Tallese Johnson, U.S. Census Bureau

Data from the 2010 Census provide the most recent information on the geographic distribution of interracial/interethnic married couples in the United States. Given the immense size of the 2010 data sets, it is possible to map the prevalence of particular combinations of interracial married couples, such as non-Hispanic Whites married to Asians, by county. The analyses focus on county level distributions that map the prevalence of specific combinations of interracial/interethnic married couples. The county maps illustrate the diversity of interracial/interethnic couple combinations around the country. No other source can provide information as robust as decennial census data, so this poster provides an important first look at the distribution of particular interracial/interethnic combinations of married couples across the United States.

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Presented in Poster Session 6